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Traditional Milk
a classic that will melt your heart

Traditional Dark
creamy dark smooth soul

Renzo’s Famiglia Espresso Truffle (vegan)

Made with fresh ground espresso Famiglia blend Continental Coffee

for Renzo’s Cafe – Just the way we like it – strong & dark

Dark & Minty (vegan)

smooth dark heart with organic peppermint extract

Raspberry, Rosemary and Sea Salt

dark, sweet and savory and oh-so-good!

Smooth Operator Orange

a blend of milk & dark with velvety orange and cardamon

Dark & Hoppy Ale* 
Beer & chocolate – what more do you need?
Dark chocolate has a sordid affair with R & B’s Hoppleganger IPA

Nutter Butter*
Organic chunks of peanut butter love blended in a mix of milk & dark

Sin Whiskey
Dark chocolate heart spiked with Spicebox whiskey & a hint of cayenne & clove

Lavender Luxe*

The secret is out – cocobutter and lavender heart dressed to kill with dark chocolate Calebaut crisped rice

Cherry Bombed (vegan)
A triple threat…Dark chocolate, red wine & local dried organic Bing cherries

The Sexy Truffle
spicy chipotle, ground cayenne, cracked black pepper and clove
nestled in  dark chocolate naughtiness

Caramel Heart*

A soft & chewy caramel heart lovingly coated in dark chocolate

Hippy Cousin (vegan)
It began one night with 90% dark chocolate, majool dates, & raw coconut…
but we don’t kiss and tell!

Cookie Crunch*
like milk and cookies, but better!
crushed oreos and shortbread in a milk and dark blend

Nuts About Love*
milk centre with toasted hazelnuts , raw coconut, candied peanuts and dried cranberries

***Please note: although I do my best to contain nuts and wheat, one can never be certain when they might mingle.  Please avoid if you have allergies.***


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