Now taking orders to make your Yule-time sweet!

Dec. 2019 Truffle flavours…

Traditional Dark

Traditional Milk

Renzo’s Famiglia Espresso (VEGAN)

Smooth Operator Orange with Cardamon

Dark & Minty (VEGAN)

NutterButter (milk chocolate & peanut butter)

Dark & Hoppy (beer)

The Sexy Truffle (sinfully spicy)

Almond Crunch (VEGAN)

Raspberry, Rosemary Seasalt

Sin Whiskey (got kick)

Lavender Luxe

Caramel Heart of Darkness

Coconut Clusters (milk chocolate)

*** Turtles – milk &/or dark chocolate with caramel & pecans

*** chocolate dipped candied orange peel

*** chocolate dipped candied ginger

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