Renegade Winter Art Market

Saturday Nov.23rd 2019

2980 Nanimo St @ Grandview Hwy

Come visit Artisan Chocolates by Trish and treat yourself or someone else with delicious handcrafted truffles & treats. Locally made jewlery, cards, soap, paintings, pottery, knitted goods, calendars, ornaments and much more… Hot lunch available to buy with proceeds going to East Van Moms for Rwanda. 11am -5pm

The Flavours of Winter 2018

Traditional Dark (silver)

Creamy dark smooth soul


Traditional Milk (light blue)

A classic that will melt your heart


Renzo’s Famiglia Truffle (black)

Continental’s Espresso tangos with dark chocolate

It’s the good side of the family! VEGAN


Smooth Operator Orange (orange)

A mix of milk & dark with velvety orange & cardamom


Dark & Minty (green)

Dark heart with organic peppermint VEGAN


NutterButter* (gold)

Organic natural chunks of peanut love blended

in a mix of milk & dark


Dark & Hoppy Ale*  (dk blue)

Beer & chocolate – what more do you need?!?

With R & B’s Hoppleganger  IPA



Almond Crunch (dk purple)

Raw chopped almond & roasted cacoa nibs

In rich dark chocolate VEGAN


Raspberry, Rosemary & Sea Salt (pink)

A mix of milk & dark sweet & savory & oh-so-good!


Sin Whiskey (copper)

Dark Chocolate heart spiked with Spicebox whiskey

& a hint of cayenne & clove…pure unadulterated warmth.



Lavender Luxe (light purple)

The secret is out…cocobutter and lavender heart dressed in a milk/dark blend with crispy dark bites


Caramel Heart (red foil)

Chewy & decadent caramel centre snuggled by rich dark chocolate


Coconut Clusters (tourquiose)

Milk chocolate & raw shredded coconut play well together

***although I do my best to contain the nuts or wheat

one can never be certain when they might mingle

so please avoid if you have allergies***

○○○ special orders welcome ○○○




SHAVASANA on Mayne Island

Love is in the air

Treat yourself or someone else with delicious local handmade chocolate truffles.

Just for the occasion – Dark Chocolate Caramel Hearts, Milk Chocolate Caramel Hearts & Dark Peanut Butter Cups

I’m not doing any events this Valentines Day but will be taking orders until Saturday the 11th & all varieties will be available at Renzo’s 1301 Commercial Drive all weekend and on Tuesday the 14th – so stop by and sweeten up your day…

packaging bags

packages of 3 & 6 truffles


Sweet Tidings

It was just brought to my attention that there has been no blogs posted here since last year! Somehow a glitch between my iphone & the website has kept me from telling you all about my chocolate events in the last year, and I’m sorry.  Yes, I’m still busily making delicious handmade truffles & there’s still a couple of days to get your holiday orders in for pick up next week.

Upcoming Events

Tis the Season!!! Personally, I try to bypass the mall and commercial store since everybody already has SO MUCH stuff…so usually my go to gift is consumables.  Good quality handmade food products, candles, soaps and things that everybody uses that contribute to keeping a local artist going 🙂

I will be selling chocolates at a couple fun small art events this year.  So stop by & check out what we’ve been making.

renegade art sale


As the grey begins, why not treat yourself or someone else to something special.  Our delicious handmade chocolate truffles use only the finest chocolate and as many local organic ingredients as possible.  Plus, they’re made with love!

sweater weather

Fall is here! Doesn’t it make you want to curl up in a sweater and indulge in a delicious handmade truffle?  Fresh batches of truffles are arriving at Renzo’s every couple of days so stop by 1301 Commercial Drive and spoil yourself or someone else today!

Healthy Benefits of Chocolate

The Health Benefits of Chocolate by Dr. Rhonda Lowe

According to Nielsen Research, more than 58 million pounds of chocolate candy will be sold during Valentine’s week. But buying chocolate doesn’t just have to be in the spirit of love – there are convincing health benefits to eating this sweet indulgence.

A review published in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews found that the antioxidant properties in dark chocolate can have a positive impact on blood pressure in the short term. It seems an association between the cocoa polyphenols in chocolate and a natural chemical in our blood helps our arteries expand and relax. And according to studies published in the European Heart Journal and Journal of Nutrition, eating as little as a ¼ oz. (about 10 grams) of dark chocolate per day can help to lower your blood pressure, improve blood flow to the brain and heart and boost memory, attention span and problem-solving skills.

But make sure you give your loved one the right kind of chocolate. Dark chocolate is rich in the cocoa liquor that contains the polyphenols (you can tell by the bitter taste), but it needs to have at least 70 per cent cocoa for you to reap the health benefits. Milk chocolate doesn’t have the same effect because it doesn’t have as much cocoa liquor, and white chocolate doesn’t contain any cocoa liquor at all.